"Ticonderoga contains some of the most intricate textures and moods I've come across on an otherwise standard indie-rock recording since Emperor X." - Tiny Mix Tapes

Uniquely talented in that all three members contribute heavily to the
songwriting process, Raleigh, NC trio Ticonderoga blends myriad influences seamlessly, creating a true post-rock sound while effortlessly avoiding being pigeonholed. Ticonderoga records and mixes their songs at home providing close comfort to the acute listener and warmth to all that come near the speakers when the band is on the stereo.

" No more than two songs into a Ticonderoga set, one thing is obvious: These guys are close. It's in the way they move on stage, the way they nod at each other as they lean into a transition, they way they rotate between instruments a dozen or so times in the course of a gig. More importantly, the bond between Mark Paulson, Wes Phillips and Phil Moore - bandmates and best friends since grade school back in their recently departed hometown of Grinnell - manifests itself in the music, with the individual and intricate layers of chiming, four-note keyboards, chunky guitars, lumbering bass and scatter-beat drums connecting, bouncing off and into each other almost spontaneously.” – Grayson Currin, Independent Weekly (NC Triangle)

RIYL: Hood, David Grubbs, Pavement, Broken Social Scene, The Double, Tortoise, Shrimp Boat, Calexico, Guided by Voices, Wilco
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The Heilig-Levine LP

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Fifty Four Forty Or Fight