To draw on comparisons for a moment, imagine Hero of a Hundred Fights and Faraquet meet Kansas. Then commence with the shivering and the delight. Melodic arpeggios, twisted math, polyrhythmic drumming/percussion, stunning harmonies and dynamics from guys who can actually sing. We're talking rounds here, people. Four-part harmonies and colliding, twining, rising vocals. If there is such a thing such as post-hardcore, TBA is the standard-bearer for the intelligent set.

" The Bright Apocalypse have managed to push so far into the void left by bands such as At The Drive In that they have almost created a new genre: Post-post-hardcore." - Slug Mag

" If you've heard the Polyvinyl band Aloha, imagine them without the
vibraphone and a bit more aggressive, and you have a pretty good idea about what this sounds like." - Ink19

RIYL: Faraquet, Hero of A Hundred Fights, Rush, Brass Knuckles for Tough Guys, Yes, Kansas, King Crimson, Managra
Girl King
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