Long a name heralded in small circles of the lower-Midwest, since their
inception in 1995, Ring, Cicada has made brief blips on the consciousness of indie rockdom, but due to a lack of releases and the exposure they and touring can bring a band worthy of acclaim, Ring, Cicada has stood in the shadows of the likes of Shiner and Shellac and Sweep the Leg Johnny.

Until now. After self-releasing three strong but short and now out-of-print
EPs, Ring, Cicada's debut full-length was released on 54ยบ40' or Fight! in
April of 2003.

Ring, Cicada was and is largely an instrumental band, but the truth is that should chnage as guitarist Christian Powell engages his pipes and discovers that not only can he sing, but he and his 'mates can arrange vocals brilliantly. Couple this with their staggeringly impressive playing, and one has the makings of a band whose presence will soon parallel its stature. Booth will loom large in the coming days.

" Dense yet spectral post-punk riffage." - Riverfront Times

From Roctober: "Besides winning the award for most cumulative commas in band name and album title, this is some pretty dynamic Now Sound music with some awesome guitar tone and good, creeping drama in every song. Sounds as good as real cicadas, if not better."

RIYL: Shiner, early-Don Caballero, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Polvo, The Feud, Tar
La Renard
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