"Is it possible to be accidentally menacing? I would guess no, myself, but if you can, Pseudosix has cornered that particular market. From the way singer Tim Perry calmly sings “I don’t like your jokes, and I don’t like your apathy/None of that weight is of value to me”, to the hallucinogenic repetition of "Chasing You Down," Pseudosix’s debut effort of vaguely rootsy, hushed indie rock remains disconcerting from start to finish." - Stylus Magazine

Portland-based troubadour Tim Perry is the backbone of Pseudosix. A thin, wiry man with penetrating eyes, he's the pensive sort, perfect for the melancholic, deeply intense music he creates with Pseudosix. He's joined on Days of Delay by Emil Snizek (of The Holy Sons and Grails) and ex-31knots drummer Joe Kelly.

A Pseudosix song is economical; when all there is to be said has been sung, the song quickly wraps to a close. The band's brevity plays to their strong suits, of which there are many: Among them, melody, a potent lyric, and a sublime, creeping sense of foreboding.

" Days of Delay is one of those albums for which listening is an active exercise rather than just a passive absorption. What you find, when you listen closely, is an album full of paranoia and death." - Splendid " This Portland, OR trio produce a thoroughly engaging, mildly perplexing blend of Americana, folk and indie rock..." - Comes With a Smile

RIYL: Califone, My Morning Jacket, Songs:Ohia, Iron & Wine, Swell, and Rex.

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