"... this is some coming-of-age classic." - MOJO (four stars)

" Fans of intelligent underground rock should listen up." - London Daily Mirror

Mandarin is a transport-thrill. Songwriter Jayson Wortham’s whispers are like souvenirs; reminders of quiet landmarks; the in-points for recollection; expression stripped to its core. These are the very smallest places he could begin – and it’s the perfect place to start – because in the hands of guitarist Matt Leer, bassist/keyboardist Peter Salisbury, and drummer Dave Douglas, Wortham’s hushed mantras often turn to contagion-code,
grown from a singular, particulate, newly-expanding though. Their music is the brightest bloom from the blackest black, with all those fitful colors in between. Whatever the trigger is for Mandarin, the result for the listener is a very thorough conscience cleaning.

Mandarin has disbanded. Don't let that dissuade you from checking them out.

Don't believe us? Then read what the prestigious UK-based publication The Wire wrote: "A scattering of influences have been streamlined into tightly focused songs, with a keen sense of melody and an impressive grasp of agitated, Gang of Four-style rhythms. The group’s combustible energy is released in sharp bursts of activity, with their supple compactness allowing for an intermittent overspill of shredded, overdriven rock noise. The
surface activity belies a robust understanding and adaptation of more traditional blues and soul-delivered dynamics, which are overtly expressed on the subdued closing track, "The Gift of Not Living.”"

" Mandarin use postrock’s flinty textures for less obvious ends." - Uncut

RIYL: Polvo, Yo La Tengo, Bedhead, Pixies, Pseudosix
Shadow Your Shadow
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