Hubcap is no longer. Haven't been for some time. Although they did reform for one night to celebrate the release of the album reissue. Hubcap was Jay Ryan, Billy Smith and Andy Zboralski. Jay has gone on to fame and fortune playing one of two bass chairs in Dianogah, as well as making delightfully odd posters of rock shows and the like. He is loved by all. Billy has received everything from quizzical stares to downright physical abuse as the oft-naked vocalist for infamous punk rock legends Traitors, but thankfully
retained enough of his considerable cerebral cortex to decide to play drums in Haymarket Riot, one of Chicago's finest. But then his cortex snapped and he left Haymarket Riot. Since Hubcap, Andy moved to Portland, where he is currently doing something or other.

Andy Zboralaski - Drums, voice
Jay Ryan - Bass
Billy Smith - Guitar

RIYL: Early-U.S. Maple, Minutemen, Q and Not U, Dianogah, Brainiac, Shellac
Moss Worth Embossing
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