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Our Puffy Little Lives

Let's start with the puzzlingly familiar sonorities of Jeff Halland's sweet voice. Pitch perfect, with great control and strength, Halland's vocal chords phrase words and sound notes in a manner vaguely of not only Allen Epley (The Life and Times and formerly of Shiner) but - dare we say it, oh fickle would-be listener - of the singer of Night Ranger or Loverboy. Dunno, 'cause it's been so long since we've heard those bands (no, really!), but wow, this Halland guy can sing. And seriously: What's wrong with that? Not a damn thing. Just ask Sister Christian.

Thankfully, when Houston toned down the bombardment their raucous guitar/drums/bass attack brought aplenty, the slow songs - the ballads, if you will - had the grit to buttress their beauty, some sweat with the bitter lyrical lament and down tempo mood.

Houston was massive, a bumble bee on HGH buzzing into a megaphone nestled against your eardrum. Influenced as much by Molly McGuire, Shiner, and Shellac, as much as Queens of the Stone Age, Jawbox, AC/DC, Sabbath, Zeppelin, etc., Houston was proudly Midwestern, and inherent in that was a
work ethic that kept them touring and bringing it nightly.

" They play some District of Columbia-style melodic post-punk that would fit in nicely with the Dischord and DeSoto Records crews." - Impact Press

" Easily one of the strongest releases of the year." - Ink19

" The band specializes in songs that utilize a huge guitar sound and a deft rhythm section to arrive at the point where dynamic, math-rock changes intersect with memorable melodies. Cross the Midwestern expansiveness of Shiner with the metallic edge of Queens of the Stone Age, and you're on the right block." - Tucson Weekly

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