There's a dearth of contemporary bands doing what Ferocious Eagle does, so one has to reach into the wayback machine to extract the names of bands mining a somewhat similar sound and feel. Bands like, oh Erectus Monotone, early-Unrest, Polvo, HMS Cervix, maybe Pitchblende... I think I just wet myself. And dated myself.

But the music of Ferocious Eagle is far from dated. Unless fun is outdated. Unless boundless energy leaping from the speakers is greeted with a yawn. Unless you need a violinist, at least one woman, a really tall dude with red hair, some ill-fitting suits, and Canadian citizenship to be hip. In which case, FE is SOL. If you need contemporary comparisons, try Deerhoof, Hella and Moggs on for size.



This Song is a Trainwreck
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Ferocious Eagle | Polk031
The Sea Anemone Inside of Me is Mighty
Fifty Four Forty Or Fight