Classic rock for those who took the long way home to it. Guess it's cool now to like Zeppelin, the Stones, AC/DC and Sabbath in the indie rock world, but this trio does so sans irony, eschewing retro-glam. Atlanta's Dropsonic has distilled the impurities from the bloated genre to craft fiery at any speed. It's imperative at this point to mention they're not derivative, only inspired. And yes, they rock.

" Zeppelin set the standard all those years ago and like good disciples Dropsonic has competently met those standards and put their own mark on it." - Wonka Vision

" If you like your rock loud, textured, slippery and one step past out there, Dropsonic may just be the band for you." - Flagpole
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Dropsonic | Polk016
The Big Nothing

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Dropsonic | Polk010

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Fifty Four Forty Or Fight