From across the pond comes the four tall lads from Sheffield, UK who call themselves Champion Kickboxer. These northern Englanders have been compared to Super Furry Animals, British Sea Power, Field Music, XTC, and Clinic, among others, by the British press, and we'd like to throw The Kinks, Pavement and the Beach Boys into the equation.

In an age of kitchen-sink bombast and purple orchestral pop, Champion
Kickboxer travels in an unhurried manner along an understated route brimming with '60s harmonies, skewed guitar pop, and folk. The results are songs that are considered, deliberate yet natural; the songs are at once awkward and beautiful, timeless and anachronistic yet contemporary.

" Delicate, very English, full of character. Thinking is a genuine organic treasure from the musical box, such noble specs of energy. Champion
Kickboxer is a band who you need to spend a little time with, they’re not immediate, they’re not one of those bands who instantly grab you and demand full attention, it would be easy to just walk away – please don’t. They almost apologize for taking up your time and space and for disturbing you with their warm beauty. They are as uniquely English as XTC... ...It’s kind of where you hoped British Sea Power night be heading and once you’ve let all it in and go back for more you’ll find the whole thing is really rather wonderful and in their understated way they’ve completely hooked you. I feel like a nice cup of tea and a slice of fruit cake now. Unique and wonderful." - Organ

Video: Master of Dancing

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