A trio from San Francisco that consisted of guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, Caesura played unique, scattershot rock, the spirit of which is lodged firmly in the punk rock tradition of bands such as Mission of Burma, Gang of Four, and the Minutemen. Caesura worked diligently during its existence to solidify its sound, which has emerged as tight, slashing and bass-driven, with strong, confident vocals.

" Instrumentally speaking, Caesura (named for a breathing point in natural speech rhythms) hang together pretty damn tight, blasting home a broad range of inventive, complex arrangements for the standard rock trio of guitar, bass and drums." - Pitchforkmedia

" The main word to describe the music of Caesura is force." - Actionman

Brad Purvis - Bass
Evan Rehill - Guitar, voice
Mike Shoun - Drums





Surrounded by Telescopes
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