The Building Press, once a Seattle-based trio of AP Schroder (guitar/vocals), Jeffrey Woodke (bass) and Eric Junge (drums), now is
captained solely by Schroder from an apartment in NYC. Just as well, from a scene standpoint, as The Building Press stood alone in Seattle. No one else played or plays music there like The Building Press. Frankly, The Building Press of today sounds less and less like The Building Press of yore, and even more remote in comparison to TBP of yon longer way. Call it sonic de-evolution, their US Maple misinterpreting early-June of '44 at Pavement's press conference full confounding and elating the ears of the adventuresome sort.

" The Fall could almost be name dropped somewhere in here, but no, The Building Press stumbles and stutters and scratches with far more grace and obtuse angular forwards backwards beauty. Such graceful beautiful
awkwardness, so hard-boiled and angular and ‘difficult’ but so so graceful and easy on the ear  - so so satisfying and the quality of the sound… Oh yes, please please do make the effort, I wouldn’t want to be the only one here enjoying this so much – that lost world somewhere between Shellac and Bark Psychosis." - Organ (UK)

RIYL: US Maple, 31knots, Storm & Stress, The Fall, June of '44, Deerhoof, Natural Dreamers, A Short Apnea
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