The Life and Times is a trio from Kansas City, MO led by ex-Shiner frontman Allen Epley. Unburdened by the math and crushing guitars of Shiner, in The Life and Times, everything is fair game for Epley, and this is the freest he’s felt in his songwriting since the early days of Shiner. He’s joined in The Life and Times by ex-Ring, Cicada bassist Eric Abert (who replaced original member, Someday I John Meredith) and drummer Mike Meyers from The String and Return. They've since signed to DeSoto.

" Despite the obvious focus on melody, the most distinct change in Epley’s songwriting is his fascination with delicacy and the threat (as opposed to the execution) of bone-crushing power." - DrawerB

RIYL: Chavez, Shiner, Blonde Redhead, Burning Airlines
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