31knots’ music moves with a nervous freneticism. Complex yet catchy drumming shifts nimbly amidst the jagged, anxious fretwork of guitar and bass, as each works in concert to propel the songs through various layers toward their proper conclusion. Unafraid to vary the pace or to take a listener down an untrodden path, 31knots is in complete control despite sounding as if they’re on the verge. That comes from being such technically gifted musicians, we suppose.

" The film Buffalo 66 is the best thing that has ever happened to Yes. When a Saturday Night Special-packing Vincent Gallo struts into a shake joint to the blaring mid-section of "Heart of the Sunrise," Yes was really cool all of a sudden. Not that the prog-rockers deserved any previous vilification as bloated poly-note whores; much of early Yes is just as sonically bizarre as Beefheart, King Crimson, Can or any other "accepted" weirdos from the era. 31Knots know their Yes, and they know how to make Fugazi and Slint sound exactly like Yes. This is John Anderson fronting Modest Mouse, and it works so well that 31Knots will be the flagship band when the term "prog pop" enters our lexicon. Not to pull the teeth from the matter or anything;
the angularity and punch won't disappoint the snobbiest of volume sponges. The album title's source is Don DeLillo's Libra, and the lyrics share a common literate sophistication with this tribute. Poignant, clever choruses pop up to sugarcoat the dexterous power-trio leanings. Math rock hasn't sounded this good in, well, ever." - Magnet

Guitar, piano, samples, vocals: Joe Haege
Bass, guitar: Jay Winebrenner
Drums: Jay Pellicci

RIYL: Yes, Gang of Four, King Crimson, Minutemen, Sweep the Leg Johnny, Modest Mouse, This Heat
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It Was High Time to Escape

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A Word is Also a Picture of a Word

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The Rehearsal Dinner EP

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Fifty Four Forty Or Fight